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The company is proud of the growth achieved over decades in the industry. With a foundation of experience, we are forward-thinking and passionate about new technology. We continually strive to improve the current systems in place.

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At Duncalfe Mechanical, safety is one of our top priorities. That is why we are proud members of CSAM, MCAM, BOMA, and WCA.

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We are ready and have the ability to take on projects across Canada.

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Construction Partners

It’s no secret that no one can succeed alone, so we’ve created an environment where everyone can perform at their best. Our people, technology, and partners work together to create a project environment that’s collaborative and well-coordinated, ensuring we all deliver on the demands of your project. By employing proven technology, proactive project planning, and a collaborative approach on and off site, we can fully understand your project’s holistic needs – not just our part. We can also tear down any walls between partners by sharing what we know, and working openly to deliver. When we all coordinate seamlessly with a fierce commitment to a clear project outcome, success comes easy.